Astra 600/43

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The Spanish made Astra 600/43 is a semi-automatic pistols that fires the 9x19 Luger. It was specifically made for Germany during World War Two. This one features correct Waffenamts and it's serial number range dates it to the shipment that would have made it to Normandy. This is a hard to find collectible that would be a major addition for any German, Spanish, historical, or World War Two collection. 

The Astra 600/43 is an uncommon and quite scarce World War Two pistol. Less than 60,000 were produced for Germany. Batches were shipped to Normandy, as this was the supply route taken to get the pistols to Germany. Production ceased when the Allies took Normandy, so some Astra hand guns did not make it to Germany.

Pistol is fully functional but expect minor dings, dents and metal wear is this is used military surplus. Therefore, products are sold as is and should be inspected by a certified gunsmith prior to use.

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