IHC M1 garand



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This is a 1954 dated International Harvester (IHC) M1 Garand. The barrel is a 1954 dated LMR manufacture, unarguably the best war time barrel ever produced for the M1 Garand. The stock is an arsenal replacement, but in very good condition. The trigger housing is also IHC marked. Comes with one enbloc clip, that can hold eight rounds of 30-06 ammuntion.

Because of its outstanding reputaion with U.S. Soldiers in World War Two, the M1 Garand Rifle is a very iconic and collectible piece of American History.

IHC M1 Garands are one of the most desirable M1 rifles. International Harvester, originally an automobile, tractor and parts manufacturer, was contracted to produce M1 Garand rifles during the Korean War.

Rifle is fully functional but expect minor dings, dents and metal wear as this is used military surplus. Therefore, products are sold as is and should be inspected by a certified gunsmith prior to use.

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