Springfield M1903 30-06

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This is a very fine example of the U.S. Rifle Model 1903, bolt action, in caliber 30-06. It was manufactured by Springfield and the serial number dates the rifle to 1929. The barrel is also dated 1929. The internal magazine holds five rounds. No import marks and straight stock is military issue and correct for the time frame. 

The M1903 would serve as the primary U.S. service rifle from World War One and on into World War Two. This U.S. rifle would be the first to fire the amazingly accurate 30-06 cartridge, which is still used today as an effective hunting round. The M1903 woiuld see battlefields in Europe and the Pacific before being replaced by the M1 Garand in 1942. Don't miss out on this very desirable U.S. Military collectible!

Rifle is fully functional but expect minor dings, dents and metal wear is this is used military surplus. Therefore, products are sold as is and should be inspected by a certified gunsmith prior to use.

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